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Our mission is to ensure the efficient and effective management of supplies, materials, and services within the warehouse, supporting the operational needs of the district. We are dedicated to maintaining appropriate inventory levels, implementing robust inventory control procedures, and optimizing the flow of goods throughout the organization. To fulfill our mission, we commit to the following:

  1. Maintain appropriate levels of supplies and materials, continuously monitoring inventory levels to meet the demands of the district while avoiding shortages or excess stock.
  2. Implement and maintain effective inventory control procedures, utilizing advanced systems and processes to accurately track, organize, and manage inventory, ensuring accuracy and accountability.
  3. Manage the receiving and shipping operations within the central warehouse, handling incoming and outgoing goods with efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness.
  4. Manage the distribution of the inter-school mail delivery system, facilitating seamless communication and information flow between schools and administrative offices.
  5. Manage the district laundry service, ensuring clean and well-maintained textiles to support the comfort and hygiene of students, staff, and athletes.
  6. Manage the storage and placement of surplus classroom furniture throughout the district, maximizing space utilization and ensuring accessibility for future needs.
  7. Prepare and monitor an annual budget for warehouse services, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring financial accountability.
  8. Coordinate the relocation of property during building renovations, minimizing disruptions and ensuring the safe and efficient transfer of assets.
  9. Coordinate and oversee the disposal of surplus property in strict accordance with District Policy and Procedure, promoting responsible and sustainable practices.
  10. Maintain control over the School Dude work order system through the use of iPads within the Maintenance Department, enabling streamlined communication and efficient tracking of work orders.

By upholding these principles, we aim to provide exceptional warehouse services, supporting the overall mission of the district and contributing to the smooth functioning of educational operations.


Our mission is to provide reliable and efficient laundry services to the district, ensuring clean and well-maintained textiles to support the comfort and hygiene of students, staff, and athletes. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism in our operations. To achieve this mission, we:

  1. Take pride in managing the district laundry service, overseeing the entire process from washing to drying and folding, ensuring that all laundry is handled with care and attention to detail.
  2. Develop a comprehensive Laundry operation plan, establishing clear procedures and guidelines to optimize efficiency and maintain consistent quality in our services.
  3. Develop a Maintenance Plan for our dryers and washers, proactively tracking repairs and maintenance needs using contract maintenance services to ensure continuous operation and minimize downtime.
  4. Prepare requisitions and purchase orders for laundry supplies, ensuring that we have an adequate stock of detergents, fabric softeners, and other necessary items to support our operations.
  5. Maintain regular preventive maintenance checks on our district vehicles, prioritizing their safety and functionality to ensure smooth transportation for laundry drop-off and pick-up, particularly for the Athletic Department.
  6. Schedule drivers for timely and efficient delivery and pick-up of laundry items for the Athletic Department, coordinating with the Athletic Office to meet their specific supply needs for various sport programs.
  7. Collaborate closely with the Athletic Office to ensure that we have a clear understanding of their laundry supply requirements, providing them with the necessary support and meeting their expectations.
  8. Take responsibility for the development and training of our employees, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.
  9. Assign job responsibilities within our department, ensuring that tasks are distributed appropriately and that each team member understands their role and responsibilities.
  10. Prioritize the safety and security of our employees and the laundry area, implementing and enforcing safety protocols, providing a secure working environment, and promoting a culture of safety awareness.

Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to deliver exceptional laundry services, exceeding the expectations of our district stakeholders and contributing to the overall cleanliness and well-being of the educational community we serve.

René Bates Auctions

Arlington ISD conducts surplus property auctions through René Bates Auctioneers. For additional information click the link below:

*The Owner/Seller of merchandise sold through this site reserves the right to reject any and all bids in its sole discretion and withdraw items before, during or after the sale.