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fine arts - Elementary Specialized Programs - Corey and Jones fine art and dual language academies
Posted in , on November 8, 2021

The Arlington ISD wants its students to reach their maximum potential through relevant, innovative and rigorous learning experiences.

All three of those aspects start in elementary school in the Arlington ISD, and there’s nothing more innovative than the elementary school specialized programs the district offers.

Students in kindergarten in the Arlington ISD can start following their passion whether it’s leadership, fine arts, dual language or STEM. Whatever path a student wants to take, the Arlington ISD can lead them down that path and start setting them up for their future beginning in kindergarten.

“We know the importance of providing opportunities,” Arlington ISD superintendent Dr. Marcelo Cavazos said. “You have to allow students to be able to follow their dreams. That doesn’t start in junior high or high school, either. We must meet the students at a younger age and engage them. We do that in the Arlington ISD.”

So, what’s the right path for your student? In the Arlington ISD it’s about choices.

Dual Language/Fine Arts

The Arlington ISD offers two dual language and fine arts elementary schools, conveniently located in north Arlington and south Arlington so students can remain closer to their homes. The curriculum at Corey Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language and Jones Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language is the same. Students will learn in two languages and benefit from an “arts for all” experience. Whether their passion is piano or painting, students at these academies can pursue their dreams.  Students spend half their days learning in English and half in Spanish. They also have opportunities to explore their creative side with dance, piano, drama and visual arts classes. Students at both academies will now have the chance to continue their dreams at Gunn Junior High and Fine Arts and Dual Language Academy. A fine arts high school is also coming soon.


Is service the calling for your future Arlington ISD student? Then Crow Leadership Academy is the answer to that calling. The school is one of just a few International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme campuses in the state. Leadership and community service are the hallmarks at Crow, which just completed new bond work that includes a new classroom wing, renovated cafeteria and gymnasium. Crow builds leaders by developing students who can inspire and influence others, take initiative, hold others accountable and encourage them. If you want your child to grow and develop those gifts while learning to know and care about the world around them, then Crow Leadership Academy is the place for them. 


Everyone knows how important STEM futures are in today’s world. At Pearcy STEM Academy for K-6 students will be able to get in on the ground level at a school that was one of the first 20 schools in the nation to be certified by the National Institute for STEM Education. Students at Pearcy get to work with a dozen certified STEM teachers to help them grow. Summer STEM camps and daily STEM curriculum are just part of the basics at Pearcy. The Arlington ISD also realizes how important it is for students to be able to explore what they want to. That’s why art, music and physical education are also included. So is the opportunity to take Spanish or learn strings. If your student loves LEGOs or building their own computer, then Pearcy STEM Academy is the right fit for them.

World Languages

Does your future kindergartener speak French? Probably not. But is that something you want them to have the ability to do? If that answer is yes then Wimbish World Language Academy (WWLA) is the fit for you. It’s not about being bilingual at WWLA either. It’s about being biliterate. Students are immersed in a French/English or Spanish/English track at Wimbish with core classes math and science taught in the second language. Foreign language electives start in second grade. Why does all of this matter? We want students at WWLA to be culturally aware. It sets them up to navigate through a diverse community in a global market.

Find your path

No matter your path, the Arlington ISD has one that leads to college, career and lifetime success. Learn more about these programs and apply for an Arlington ISD Specialized Program today.