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Engagement, Equity and Access

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Myra McGlothen - Sutton

Title I Parent Facilitator (Parent Outreach)
(682) 867-7214

Department Contact:

Elia Chavez

Elia Chavez

Title I Parent Instructor (Spanish)
(682) 867-2087

Family and Community Engagement

Children don't come with manuals. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do. We understand that you want the best for your child and we are here to assist. We offer various workshops for parents and caregivers that offer ideas, tips, and support in raising children. Our parent facilitators and instructor are here to provide you with resources and meaningful information to support family life and build a strong connection with the school.

We can work together by:

  • Communicating
  • Volunteering
  • Learning at home
  • Decision making

We can support you by providing:

  • Child and Adolescent development information
  • Learning at-home activities
  • Decision-making opportunities
  • Community resources

Family Empowerment Workshops Calendar

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