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Grants and Fund Development


Support the District Vision to be a premier school district and a leader in education, by seeking and securing external funds for AISD programs and services; including collaborating with stakeholders on their submission of grant proposals — through Letters of Support and Memorandums of Understanding.

  • Provide grant research and project development for district initiatives and campus-level projects
  • Ensure grant compliance and monitoring
  • Communicate with educational stakeholders


Educational Stakeholders

(K-12 districts, postsecondary educational institutes, civic/nonprofit organizations, businesses, community members)

  • Provide all educational stakeholders with information in a timely manner regarding district grant initiatives and campus-level projects.
  • Conduct/ facilitate meetings for faculty, planning teams, implementation focus groups
  • Create and conduct training sessions for campus Project Managers, principals, and others

AISD Campuses

  • Provide AISD campuses and personnel with potential grant opportunities and funding sources to support Campus Improvement Plans.
  • Determine if an opportunity is a match for campus and student needs
  • Provide writing guidance, technical assistance, and support in the application process
  • Evaluate to ensure budgets are comprehensive and accurate

NOTE: ALL grant applications and awards must be cleared through the Grants/Fund Development Office AT LEAST 3 WEEKS PRIOR to grant deadlines. The best time to contact us is when you are just starting the project development.

AISD District Leadership

  • Actively research, identify and cultivate external funding opportunities
  • Monitor announcements from government agencies and private sources
  • Maintain regular contact with funding agencies for potential opportunities
  • Conduct internet research for funding sources and projects
  • Develop outreach opportunities and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, such as: district leadership, universities, foundations, nonprofit organizations, businesses and civic organizations.
  • Determine project and budget feasibility
  • Prepare/review grant applications and budgets
  • Assist the grant Project Manager and AISD Accounting Office in meeting compliance and monitoring requirements for local, state, and federal funding sources as needed.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards to utilize funds as intended, always keeping the students’ needs and District Vision in mind.
  • Ensure timelines and procedures are followed
  • Conduct campus site visits and coordinate audit efforts
  • Collect and maintain data as appropriate
  • Create and submit financial and programmatic progress reports
  • Communicate with external evaluators and agencies as needed to ensure project/ program fidelity