To apply for Free and Reduced-Price Meals or to complete the Household Family Data Collections form,
please select the school from the list below for the child you are registering.

Children attending this school, which is operating the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), will receive free breakfast and lunch without families completing the free and reduced-price meal application. To help ensure students receive all State funding and benefits available to their school and for appropriate comparisons for State accountability purposes, families with children at a school operating CEP will be asked to complete a Household Family Data Collection form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a child(ren) attending a school operating CEP and a child(ren) attending a school not operating CEP?

To receive free or reduced-price meal benefits for your child(ren) attending schools other than the CEP schools listed below, you will need to apply for free and reduced-price meal benefits by completing a meal benefits application.  When completing the meal benefits application, you will need to list all children in the household on the meal benefits application.  We also ask that you complete a Household Family Data Collections form in order for your child’s school operating CEP to receive all the State funding and benefits available.

Adams Elementary Larson Elementary
Amos Elementary McNutt Elementary
Anderson Elementary Morton Elementary
Atherton Elementary Nichols Junior High
Berry Elementary Patrick Elementary
Blanton Elementary Peach Elementary
Burgin Elementary Pope Elementary
Carter Junior High Rankin Elementary
Crouch Elementary Remynse Elementary
Crow Elementary Roark Elementary
Ellis Elementary Shackelford Junior High
Farrell Elementary Sherrod Elementary
Foster Elementary South Davis Elementary
Goodman Elementary Speer Elementary
Hale Elementary Thornton Elementary
Johns Elementary Webb Elementary
Knox Elementary Workman Junior High

What if I transfer from a school in the CEP program?

If your child transfers from a school operating CEP to a school not operating CEP, you will need to apply for free and reduced-price meal benefits by completing a meal benefits application.