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transfer window for Arlington ISD
Posted in , on February 23, 2021

Set your students up on a path for success

Opportunities to set students up on a path for success don’t come up often, so when they do, it’s important to act fast.

That’s the case in the Arlington ISD, which has a transfer window open from March 1 to March 19 that will allow students to transfer into a district that will transform their future.

Students can transfer to the Arlington ISD and set themselves up for a future of success no matter what their path is. Here are seven opportunities available for all ages.


In the Arlington ISD, every elementary school has two STEM labs that will help open up students to outstanding opportunities. And thanks to the 2019 Bond, each elementary school will also have two age-appropriate playgrounds that will be ADA-accessible. And if fine arts are what you want, that starts in elementary school, too, as every school has a strings room, and instruments are provided free of charge for all students.   


Sports begin in junior high in the Arlington ISD at 10 campuses. Did you know that includes both tennis and wrestling? And in those sports the junior high students are taught by varsity head coaches. And if you’re looking for facilities for your child, the district just opened a state-of-the-art natatorium as well as a new arena as part of an athletics complex that is located in the heart of Arlington’s entertainment district. In February, more than 70 of our student athletes participated in National Signing Day, earning nearly $5 million in scholarships.        


The Arlington ISD is open for everyone, but to take full advantage of our specialized programs you must transfer before high school. That’s because eighth grade is when students apply for our three early college high schools as well as our STEM Academy at Martin High School. Ninth graders also start taking classes that can help lead to jobs through programs at our Dan Dipert Career & Technical Center. If the opportunity for up to 60 hours of free college credit or a chance to go to our new school with a focus on medical careers at Bowie High School is right for you, then you have to get here before high school.           


The pandemic that hit last year was a devastating blow for many. But in coming to the Arlington ISD, know that you’re enrolling in a district that has put safety and security of students and staff members as a priority. We opened a COVID-19 testing site for staff and students last year and have strict COVID-19 protocols in place at all of our campuses.        


The Arlington ISD wastes no time in taking action. We were one of the few large school districts in the area to be able to start the 2020-21 school year on time. How were we able to do that? By making sure that our students had access to more than 40,000 pieces of technology that were free to them. We made sure students who were learning virtually had access to meals from 30 student-meal locations. That’s a practice we started when the pandemic first hit and one we continue.        


While every one of our campuses provides outstanding opportunities for everyone, the Arlington ISD also has five specialized elementary school programs that focus on everything from STEM to leadership and four high school opportunities. We’re also in the process of opening our first fine arts/dual language junior high. We already have two dual language/fine arts elementary schools.        


The Arlington ISD you transfer into now is ever changing thanks to a community that passed a $966 million bond in 2019. That’s building on our 2014 Bond, which is why we have the Dan Dipert Career & Technical Center that puts students on paths to success. That’s why we have the new Center for Visual and Performing Arts, a facility that is unmatched in the area. That’s why we’re building new schools, updating every campus and providing our students the best opportunities. Why wouldn’t you want to come to a district that has that kind of backing?

To take advantage of all of that and more, you have to take the first step by March 19 to transfer to the Arlington ISD and transform your future.