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Bluebonnets grow on a slope, Wednesday, April 6, 2022, at Willow Waterhole in Houston.
Posted in on April 30, 2023

We have all heard the popular saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” No other place is that truer than here in north Texas where annually thunderstorms roll through, painting the fields with rain leaving vibrant bluebonnets in their wake. Seeds previously planted by nature sprout forth nudging the city to come back to life with blooming trees, singing birds and wildflowers.

As I have pondered this time of year and our eager anticipation of its arrival, I can’t help but notice how similar the emotion is as we gear up for the last few weeks of school. All year long, we have poured into our students, cultivating their minds and encouraging their creativity as they persisted through the important struggle learning offers in order to grow. We have stayed the course and met unexpected challenges. As teachers, you have thoughtfully designed lessons that captivated your students’ interests and fostered the development of skills they will need not only in the classroom, but in life as they blossom and pursue their passions. As peers, you have supported one another, shared ideas and problem-solved together, and you have committed to ensuring your learners had opportunities to receive the individualized experiences they needed to thrive. And now, after all that hard work, I want to invite you to stop and smell the roses.

Life is busy. And, often in our haste, we fail to give ourselves the time to reflect on our efforts and to bask in the fruit of our labor. Setting goals at the beginning of the year is the easy part. Persistently digging in deep, when you feel like you have little left to offer, to achieve those goals, now that’s where the greatness lies. You have done that. You have given your very best in the service of others and now you can see the results of that effort. Feel good about what you accomplished! Recognize the growth you have cultivated in yourself and others. You and the students you serve are now better than when you started because of your commitment to achieve.

Satya Nani, a well-known film producer in India, once said, “A little progress each day adds up to big results.” Each of the seemingly small things you did daily for your students collectively have generated a meaningful experience that has yielded positive change and the mastery of new skills. Your learners now understand and know things they once didn’t. They have evolved, in incredible ways, into new people – ready to take their next step. That preparation, nurtured slowly over months, is the result of the time they spent with you. Take it in!

Thank you for your resolve and dedication to excellence. The world is a better place because of it.