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Amos student at fiber optic network groundbreaking
Posted in on April 29, 2022

Stepping Up

The Arlington ISD is doing whatever it takes to make sure students have the resources they need to succeed. That’s why the district is partnering with Unite Private Network (UPN) to build a private fiber-optic network. This service will meet the demand for excellent internet services across the entire school district.

On Wednesday, the district broke ground on the project at Amos Elementary. Since the district is stepping up its technology, the Amos High Steppers performed a special step routine to show their appreciation for the new network.

The network will be installed in three phases and is slated for completion in the fall of 2023. Over 85,000 feet of fiber has been put in the ground.

“We are committed to ensuring every student at every school gets access to all of the opportunities and educational experiences that we can offer,” said Arlington Board of Trustees President Kecia Mays. “Whether it’s a new school building or improving technological infrastructure, it’s important to make these incredible advances for our children and our future. This is an investment for generations to come.”

The new private network is funded by the 2019 Bond. Even though it isn’t a new building, it’s something to be celebrated. Essentially, the fiber-optic network will eliminate internet outages and assure reliable access and quicker speed for students and staff. (Learn more.)

“It’s our pleasure to partner with Arlington ISD to provide such wonderful technology so that you can learn faster,” said Suzie Nesbitt, regional vice president of sales at UPN. “There’s a place for you in the world of technology and infrastructure, and we’re truly grateful to be able to bring this type of technology infrastructure to the Arlington community.”

Boring, but not boring

Fiber optic network groundbreakingBefore turning the ceremonial dirt, UPN representatives demonstrated how fiber is put into the ground. They fired up the boring machine and started putting a hole in the ground for conduit. They explained that going underground allows the wires to run across longer distances. Plus, it’s a safer option than using traditional utility poles that can be damaged by inclement weather.

With increased bandwidth, the fiber optics network will help students, faculty and staff access learning tools quicker and more efficiently. Better technology today guarantees a better future for students tomorrow. For more information on the new fiber-optic network and how the 2019 Bond is modernizing education in Arlington ISD, check out

See photos from the groundbreaking.