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Heather H. Kubiak

Adult Education and Literacy Manager
(682) 867-2383

Adult Education and Literacy is important to Arlington ISD.  We believe it is never too late to get an education and it is our mission to help our adult students succeed.  Whether it is a refresher in math/reading/writing, a high school equivalency, or the need to improve your English skills, our Adult Education and Literacy program can help.  We also offer career training courses that help our adult students obtain industry recognized certifications and credentials.  Our goal is to meet our adult students at their current level and help them gain employment in a career pathway as soon as possible. All classes are offered free of charge to eligible students.

Classes Offered

  • High School Equivalency/GED Preparation
    These classes range from basic literacy that teach adults basic reading, writing, and math skills to high school level work that prepares students to pass their high school equivalency exam (GED (need trademark)).

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
    These classes assist adults in learning to speak, read, and write English at all levels. Have a foreign degree? ESL for Professionals provides access to training opportunities in your current field or new careers for advance level students.

  • Career Training
    These classes are for high-level students who may or may not have their high school diploma/equivalency yet. Students will develop workplace skills and receive hands on career training in their chosen field while earning an in-demand industry recognized credential. Current programs include Certified Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomy, Electrocardiogram (EKG) Technician, Interpreter/Translator, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), Information Technology, and more.

Class Schedule: Morning and Evening In-Person and Remote

Eligibility Requirements: Live in Tarrant County 17 years of age or older (16 years of age with a court order) Cannot be currently enrolled in a secondary school. Additional eligibility requirements for career training programs