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Delisse Hardy

(682) 867-7449


(682) 867-7449

The primary mission of the district's World Languages program is to meet the educational needs of each student whose native language is not English (Bilingual/ESL) and those of English speaking students who are learning a language other than English (LOTE).


To provide students a connection to the languages of the world in order to be college and career-ready.


To provide AISD students continuous access to language development through rigorous learning experiences, using innovative best practices, while facilitating growth and support.


  • We believe that relationships built through skillful and thoughtful communication are the foundation of effective instruction.
  • We believe that English learners should have equal access to the curriculum.
  • We believe that our department is a point of trust with parents.
  • We believe that a positive work environment fosters student success.
  • We believe that all students should have the opportunity to acquire languages and experience cultures.

Department of World Languages

Enterprise Centre
690 E Lamar Blvd Ste 150
Arlington, TX 76011
Fax Number: (682) 867-4669

World Languages Staff


Delisse Hardy

(682) 867-7449


Briseida Hernandez

(682) 867-7449

Title III Compliance Clerk

Aracely Acevedo

(682) 867-7702

Lead Specialist

Dr. Ruth Martin

(682) 867-4600

Lead Specialist

Debbie Strand 

(682) 867-4608

Instructional Specialist

Doris Campbell

(682) 867-7746

Instructional Specialist

Dr. Isabelle Williams

(682) 867-7444

Instructional Specialist

Mariela Gomez

(682) 867-4602

Instructional Specialist

Lydia Ramos

(682) 867-7349

Instructional Specialist

Tammy Edwards

(682) 867-7443

Instructional Specialist

Erica Littlejohn

(682) 867-7439

Instructional Specialist


(682) 867-7338

Instructional Specialist

Priscilla Blanton

(682) 867-4607

Instructional Specialist

Jeff Cowman

(682) 867-7740

Instructional Specialist

Esmeralda Cartagena

(682) 867-7447

Instructional Specialist

Dr. Nilsa Gonzalez

(682) 867-1929

Instructional Specialist

Beatriz Zamora

(682) 867-7436

Language Placement Center Staff


Dr. Grace Del Valle

(682) 867-7435

Language Placement Center Clerk

Michelle Carone

(682) 867-7430

Testing Clerk

Adriana Lopez

(682) 867-7438

Testing Clerk

Lorena Ballou

(682) 867-7441


Whitley Nino

(682) 867-7392

Family Engagement Liaison

Ana Ramirez

(682) 867-4601

Immigrant Specialist

Oliver Mujica

(682) 867-0825