World Languages

World Languages

Department Contact:

Sandi Perez


(682) 867-7449

The primary mission of the district's World Languages program is to meet the educational needs of each student whose native language is not English (Bilingual/ESL) and those of English speaking students who are learning a language other than English (LOTE).


World Languages will be a premiere department that collaborates to ensure second language learners experience rigorous and highly relevant learning in every classroom, every day.


Collaboratively ensure that all AISD students experience a rigorous and highly relevant learning experience in every classroom, every day.


  • We believe that relationships built through skillful and thoughtful communication are the foundation of effective instruction.
  • We believe that English learners should have equal access to the curriculum.
  • We believe that our department is a point of trust with parents.
  • We believe that a positive work environment fosters student success.
  • We believe that all students should have the opportunity to acquire languages and experience cultures.

Department of World Languages

Enterprise Centre
690 E Lamar Blvd Ste 150
Arlington, TX 76011
Fax Number: (682) 867-4669


Sandi Perez (682) 867-7449
Secretary Briseida Hernandez (682) 867-7449
Coordinator Dr. Grace del Valle (682) 867-7435
Title III Compliance Clerk Amber Pittman (682) 867-7702
Compliance Clerk Teresita Gaytan (682) 867-4600
Instructional Specialist Doris Campbell (682) 867-7746
Instructional Specialist Julio Castillo (682) 867-7447
Instructional Specialist Isabelle Williams (682) 867-7444
Instructional Specialist Hildelisa Diaz (682) 867-4602
Instructional Specialist Lydia Valenzuela (682) 867-7349
Instructional Specialist Leah McFarlin (682) 867-7443
Instructional Specialist Cindy Brennan (682) 867-7439
Instructional Specialist Felicia Dillard (682) 867-7338
Instructional Specialist Jeff Cowman (682) 867-7740

Language Placement Center

Hilldale Annex
4818 W Arkansas Lane
Arlington, TX 76016
Fax Number: (682) 867-4667

Testing Specialist

TBD (682) 867-7435
Clerk Angelica Barron (682) 867-7430
Testing Clerk Meredith Torres-Mejia (682) 867-7438
Testing Clerk TBD (682) 867-7441
Testing Clerk TBD (682) 867-7436
Family Engagement Liaison Maria Ojeda Ballen (682) 867-4601
Immigrant Specialist Martina Nieto (682) 867-0825
Title III ELL Support Interventionist Virginia Lowe (682) 867-7392
Title III ELL Support Interventionist Maria Luna (682) 867-7436
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