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Posted in on January 13, 2021

‘There is so much money out there’ for students

College is just around the corner for many high school seniors, and it’s really not too far off for juniors either. Arlington ISD and the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce want to make sure these students are ready and can get as many scholarships as possible. The district and Chamber both have websites that list scholarships and often work together to maximize opportunities and outreach.

“There’s so much money out there,” said Telisa Brown, Arlington ISD director of guidance and counseling. “Apply!”

Alicia Collins-Butler, the Chamber’s director of education, workforce and community development, echoes that sentiment.

“No scholarship amount is too little,” she said. “It all helps.”

Even a small scholarship makes an impact, especially if a student can stack it with others.

So, take Brown’s advice. Check out these websites and apply for as many scholarships as you can.

Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Website

The Chamber of Commerce’s newly launched page highlights the Chamber’s four scholarship programs, which include 27 scholarships worth $70,000.

Chamber of Commerce scholarships graphic“We are committed as an organization to developing our community’s future. This year, we are excited to offer more scholarships than ever before.” Collins-Butler said. “It is our opportunity, and responsibility, to impact the next generation of business and community leaders by investing time and resources into their success.”

Two of the scholarship programs – the Chamber scholarship and Innovation scholarship – come with more than tuition dollars. They also include mentorship during the application process. Students are interviewed as part of the application. But before the interview, applicants go through an orientation that teaches them how to interview. As part of that orientation, former scholarship winners return to help the new applicants learn the nuances of an interview. The skills taught not only prepare high school students for the scholarship interview, they also help equip them for college.

Arlington ISD Scholarship Website

The Arlington ISD scholarship page includes a long list of opportunities, including five scholarships only available to Arlington ISD students.

“We continuously update the page to make sure our students and school counselors always know about their many scholarship opportunities,” Brown said.

The website is just one of many resources Arlington ISD high school students have as they prepare for college and careers. Each high school has a scholarship counselor, and every high school counselor can help students find and apply for scholarships.

Plus, every high school has a GO Center. The GO Centers offer students college and career advisement, mentorship, financial aid assistance, virtual career resources and more.

Students, now is the time to prepare for your future. Talk with your school counselors, visit your GO Center and check out the scholarship webpages as you prepare for life after high school.