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Community-based pre-K 3
Posted in , on October 19, 2023

Community-based pre-K taught by Arlington ISD teachers

Arlington ISD’s community-based pre-K program for 3-year-olds is the perfect solution for working parents who want their kids to get started on their educational journey but also need full-day childcare.

Arlington ISD’s community-based pre-K is a half-day pre-K program for 3-year-olds located in four local childcare centers. By enrolling in pre-K at the childcare center, students receive seamless, convenient day care both before and after the pre-K school day without ever having to leave and go to another care location. Plus, the pre-K program is taught by an Arlington ISD teacher with the same outstanding play-based curriculum, materials and technology used at Arlington ISD campuses. Families do need to pay for the childcare at the community-partner centers.

“Our community-based centers provide students the opportunity to receive the same instruction and access to learning as students attending on-campus classrooms … and a safe and nurturing atmosphere designed to promote lifelong learning,” said Connie Pierce and April Davis, Arlington ISD pre-K 3 teachers at community-based centers.

Pierce and Davis explained that the service can be especially helpful for families with financial challenges. Whether it’s a family with a working single parent or a family dependent on both parents to work outside the home, this program helps these families with childcare and transportation.

“We’re excited about how this partnership with local childcare centers offers a resource for working parents, helps childcare centers with enrollment and allows the district to reach even more 3-year-olds,” said Dr. Jackeline Orsini, Arlington ISD early childhood director.

Community-based partners (see partner details) for 2023-2024 include:

  • Child Care Network #259
  • Child Care Network #260
  • Kids Community Preschool – Arlington
  • Kids Community Preschool – Grand Prairie

Enroll now for Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4

Registration is still open for all Arlington ISD pre-K programs. In addition to community-based pre-K, Arlington ISD offers half-day pre-K for 3-year-olds at many neighborhood schools (see pre-K locator) and has ESL and bilingual options. Pre-K 3 is free for students who qualify, and there is an affordable tuition option for those who do not.

Pre-K for 4-year-olds is FREE for all students and is offered at all Arlington ISD neighborhood elementary schools. With a fun play-based curriculum that incorporates STEM, your child will thrive (learn more).

Register today or learn more at