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Helpful Honda surprises Arlington High teacher
Posted in , on May 14, 2024

Random Act of Helpfulness

Blair Hansard is the kind of teacher who is used to getting called into the principal’s office, so it was no big deal last Wednesday when he was summoned by Arlington High School principal Stacie Humbles.

But what happened once Hansard got to Humbles’ office was a big deal.

Hansard was surprised by the North Texas Honda Dealers with a Random Act of Helpfulness during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Hansard, who teaches engineering and aviation unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) was given $5,000 in equipment that will help in everything from drones to 3D printing for his students. Hansard’s service dog Alfie was also given a few surprises.

Helpful Honda surprises Arlington High teacher“This is huge,” said Hansard, who is in his third year at Arlington High. “This is a complete shock. I don’t have words. I’m more lucky with the group of kids that I get to work with than anything else.”

While Hansard was quick to give praise to his students, there’s a reason he was nominated for the award. Whether it’s having his students build a drone from scratch or put together a robodog named Cupcake who accompanied Hansard and his students to Humbles’ office for the surprise, he does an outstanding job of connecting with his students.

“What he does for his kids in the classroom every day is amazing,” Humbles said. “At Arlington it’s so important for people to get out of their cave and find ways to connect and bring the school together and bring the kids together. He does that in so many ways. Schoolwide, he wants to make a difference with his students, and we can see it all the time.”

The equipment given to Hansard by the North Texas Honda Dealers will allow his students to build more stuff for the drones and more equipment for Cupcake. Having the correct tools to work with will make a huge difference. Among the items he was given included five 3D printers and a new computer.

Hansard has focused a lot of his classroom attention on drones because there is such a demand for drones and people who can work with them in the workforce. His students can build them better, program them better and modify them better because of the gift he received last week.

“These tools to work with will be amazing,” he said. “I’m so thankful for this opportunity for my students. This changes our world.”