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Posted in on April 13, 2023

Thank you, librarians

April is School Library Month, and the Arlington ISD wants to highlight its outstanding librarians at every school.


If you think Arlington ISD’s school librarians just check out books, think again. In fact, they are teachers with wide-ranging roles who impact literally every single student on campus. They serve as guides for students, providing resources and opportunities to explore their interests, inspire curiosity and further their learning.

When it comes to books and reading, librarians don’t just tell the kids to go pick out a book. They are integral in developing students’ reading skills through literacy instruction and giving them access to a wide range of age-appropriate books tailored to their specific interests, so they become enthusiastic, lifelong readers. 

Librarians have also become media literacy teachers who don’t just provide digital resources. They teach students responsible digital citizenship and how to engage with media positively. They empower students to engage in research online and to think critically about how they use the information they find. 

And their libraries are so much more than just a room with books. They are classrooms and laboratories for all kinds of learning and exploration. Arlington ISD’s librarians design opportunities for students to engage in makerspace and STEM activities in the libraries that build critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity. They welcome all students to come and be creative and explore.


The impact librarians have on students is significant. Study after study throughout the United States shows that in schools with certified librarians, students perform better both in school and after they graduate.

That’s certainly the case in the Arlington ISD.

“School librarians across our district truly are change agents because they are one of the few roles on campus that get to teach every single child,” said Julie Moore, Arlington ISD’s library media services coordinator. “Our librarians teach students to think and solve real-world problems while helping them get ready for whatever comes next for them, whether it be a career or college.”

Thank you, Arlington ISD librarians!