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summit - male leadership summit at Lamar High School
Posted in , on December 12, 2023

Summit demonstrates positive leadership

Being a teenager isn’t just a stage of life. It’s a state of becoming.

From social and self-awareness to the effects of drugs and alcohol, can you read the room?

The participants of Lamar High School’s very first Male Leadership Summit sure can.

With 130 students registered, it wasn’t just an ordinary event. It was an opportunity for students to gain valuable insights and perspectives regarding topics that impact them as a teenager.

Topics included “He Ain’t Heavy; He Is My Brother,” “Read the Room,” “You Can’t Get in Trouble for Being Mad” and “Identity-Facing Adversity and Overcoming Challenges.”

Each participant could choose the session they were most interested in and attend one other focusing on brotherhood, decision-making, mental health, overcoming teenage challenges and much more.

Volunteers from Lamar, other Arlington ISD campuses and the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce shared their own experiences, exposing Lamar students to positive male leadership.

The program was conceptualized with feedback from the community after Lamar counselor Clarissa Savoy hosted Lamar’s All Female Career Day. Plans for the summit were originally halted in 2020 due to COVID-19. They were put back into action this school year.

“Together as a team, we were able to kick off our very first Male Leadership Summit which was a huge success,” Savoy said.

The summit ended with a general session panel discussion. Students even made their way on stage to thank the volunteers for their guidance without being prompted.

“It truly warmed my heart to hear the guys emphatically expressing their gratitude because of the impact this event had on them,” Savoy said.

After receiving an abundance of positive feedback from community members and student participants from the summit, it’s safe to say this certainly won’t be the last summit.

“Working with teenagers in general often affords us many opportunities to make a difference,” said Savoy. “The goal was to make an impact and we did exactly that.”

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