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ABLE is a service designed to meet the diverse needs of students who are experiencing challenges in the areas of communication, social, work behavior, and abstract thought processes. The primary focus of services through ABLE support is to assist in closing the achievement and social “gap”, so that the students can perform both academically and socially in grade level general education settings with limited to no Special Education support over time. Support covers a range of options including, but not limited to positive behavioral supports, reinforcement strategies, teaching of replacement behaviors, and developing skills to understand another person’s point of view.

All students with disabilities are considered general education students first. The goal of ABLE is to incorporate the student to the general education setting to the maximum extent possible based on individual IEP needs. Many students receiving ABLE support are served in the general education environment for the majority of their school day. The contents of this handbook are to be used for structure and alignment of the ABLE classrooms across Arlington ISD. Each student’s program is to be developed by the ARD committee through the IEP process. It is individualized to meet each student’s needs. The focus is to, “build the program around the child, and not fit a child to the program”.