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SEAS is a service and support option on a continuum designed to meet the diverse needs of students with severe, chronic behavior that adversely affects the student’s educational performance despite the use of other supplementary aids and services. The behavior is pervasive across the school environment and suggests the need for specialized supervision and individualized behavior intervention strategies. The primary focus is on positive behavior alternatives and increasing coping and social skills needed to be successful in the other Special Education and General Education settings. The components of this support emphasize age appropriate, General Education curriculum in conjunction with continuous pro-active teaching of pro-social replacement behaviors and skills.

SEAS provides an environment which allows for learning and behavior changes through a Social Emotional Continuum. Our focus is on proactively teaching behavior control, problem-solving, decision-making, and relationship building strategies with specific social and emotional processes to replace inappropriate behaviors. The anticipated outcome of the support is that students will reintegrate into the General Education setting, to the maximum extent possible, in a timely manner. Life Management, a class taught by SEAS teachers, provides direct teaching, training, and reinforcement of specific skills needed for social competency. Instruction to students lacking appropriate social responses occurs in varied situations and settings. Lessons and materials focus on developing the interpersonal social and problem-solving skills needed for social competency.