AISD offers multiple college testing opportunities during the school day that help students prepare for their post-secondary education at no cost to families.

The PSAT is the preliminary SAT test. While it does not count towards college admission, it is used to identify National Merit Scholars.  There are also many merit scholarships awarded. 

The SAT is a college admissions assessment used to measure readiness for college. In Arlington ISD, we offer this assessment as a spring SAT School Day on all high school campuses for juniors. 

SAT Information (College Board)

The ACT is another college admissions assessment used to measure readiness for college.  It is offered as a fall ACT School Day for seniors on all of our high school campuses.

ACT Information (

College Testing Preparation Resources

  • Khan Academy - Khan Academy provides test preparation support for students.  When students receive scores from PSAT and SAT, they also receive access to customized preparation materials based on their results.  The best part about this is that it is FREE!
  • Additionally, high school campuses offer seasonal support for these assessments as well.
  • Be on the lookout for an SAT Prep class in summer programs!