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As defined in Texas Administrative Code, gifted students are those who “perform or show potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment.” AISD Board Policy includes provisions to ensure that each of our campuses engages in the ongoing identification of students who perform or show potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment in one or more of the core curriculum areas, leadership, artistic areas, and/or creativity. 

Students may be referred for GT services at any time.  At least once per school year, formal assessments of referred students are scheduled.  Students in Kindergarten through grades 1-12 who meet a minimum of three (3) criteria may be considered for the district’s GT services. Students are assessed, and qualitative and quantitative data are collected from multiple sources for consideration in the assessment process.  

At the kindergarten level, as many criteria as possible, and at least three (3), are used to assess students who perform at remarkably high levels of accomplishment relative to age-level peers.

Screening for gifted and talented is coordinated to determine advanced academic services within Arlington ISD. 

Universal Screening

Every kindergarten student in AISD is universally screened for gifted and talented services using a portfolio of student work and assessments along with planned learning experiences.  Students placed in a talent pool are then screened further. Criteria is collected and evaluated by the Campus Placement Committee.

Second and fourth graders are universally screened.

Criteria and Placement in Gifted and Talented Services 

Criteria considered for identification and placement of AISD students may include:

  • Teacher observation checklists
  • Student Portfolio
  • Student interviews
  • Self-evaluations
  • Structured Analytical observations
  • Jot It Down 
  • Observation Inventory
  • Normed Assessments

Parent referral - forms can be obtained from the campus GT Lead Teacher or counselor. 

A Committee of at least three (3) campus educators who have received training in the nature and needs of gifted and talented students reviews the individual student data and determines if gifted and talented services most appropriately meet the child’s educational needs. Parental signature is required prior to placement.  Upon identification and placement in the gifted and talented program, students continue to receive GT services until graduation. 

Transfer Students

In-district Transfer

Students who move from campus to another within the district are automatically enrolled in the same gifted and talented program at the receiving campus. At the secondary level, gifted students continue in advanced courses in the areas appropriate to meet their educational needs. 

Outside AISD Transfer

Each school district in Texas sets its own criteria for placement in the GT program but must include multiple criteria, both quantitative and qualitative. Parents of students moving into the district should inform the school counselor or the elementary GT Lead Teacher. Bringing test scores and paperwork from a prior GT placement in another district including the areas in which the student was identified for services can help to expedite the process. 

The campus identification committee will review the records of students enrolling from outside the district once received and ensure appropriate placement within 30 school days. 

GT-identified children of active duty or reserve members of the military are automatically admitted for GT services upon enrollment in an AISD school, in accordance with federal law.

Furlough and Exit Process

Furlough Process

Either the parent/guardian or the teacher may initiate the furlough process if gifted/talented services appear not to meet the student’s needs at a specific time. The student will not participate in GT activities for a specified period of time. Following a conference between the parent/ guardian and the teacher, the student will be allowed to re-enter the program at the end of the designated time. 

Exit Process

The parent/guardian or the teacher may initiate the exit process if gifted/talented services appear not to meet the student’s needs.  A decision regarding placement will be made following a conference with the parent/guardian and the campus committee.  Once a student has officially exited the program, he/she must be re-evaluated according to current district criteria, before being readmitted to the GT program. This may mean retesting and collection of new data.

Appeals Process

An appeals process is in place for parents/ guardians who would like to appeal the Campus Placement Committee’s recommendation regarding placement of their child in Gifted and Talented Services. A letter of appeal from parents/ guardians can initiate the process. Appeals may be made to the Campus Placement Committee within 10 days of notification. If not resolved by the committee, parents may request, in writing, a conference with the principal to appeal the decision.  If questions regarding placement can not be resolved at the campus level, a written appeal may be presented to the Advanced Academics Department Director within 10 days of the conference with the principal.