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The future Michael Glaspie Field Athletic Complex is a Bond 2019 project that will renovate the existing practice field at Martin High School and convert it into the Arlington ISD’s third competition field.

The new athletic field at Martin was included in the 2019 Bond because the district needs three competition fields for its six high schools. Arlington ISD owns Wilemon Field at Sam Houston High School and Cravens Field at Lamar High School, but it rented UTA Maverick Stadium for its third competition field. However, Arlington ISD no longer has access to UTA Maverick Stadium and needs a replacement competition venue. The new field at Martin will provide that third varsity competition field and serve as the home for Martin and Seguin high schools.

The new stadium, designed by VLK Architects, will include approximately 10,000 seats, a larger press box, locker rooms, restrooms and concessions. Architects were careful to consider the campus’ existing layout, neighbors, traffic flow – cars, school buses and pedestrians – and parking in their design. They have included a landscape buffer and fencing between the stadium and neighboring homes and will utilize modern LED lighting. The LED lighting is significantly better than traditional lighting in that it can be directed into the stadium and onto the playing surface more efficiently, has considerably less spillage from the venue and can be turned on and off quickly.

The design also features the ability to transform the stadium according to which school is using it. With lighting, signage and technology, the stadium will shift to reflect the home team for that event, whether it’s Seguin, Martin or any other Arlington ISD school.



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Bond 2019


• Facilities
• Fine Arts
• Safety, Security & Technology
• Transportation

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Fine Arts

The fine arts portion includes: theater equipment and black boxes, instruments, visual arts equipment and work surfaces, piano replacements and uniforms for marching bands, drill teams and choirs.

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Safety, Security & Tech

The safety, security and technology portion includes: additional security cameras and upgraded alarm systems, districtwide communications system upgrade, network infrastructure, device replacements and strategic 1:1 (student devices).

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The transportation portion of the bond includes new buses, shuttle buses, service vehicles. Also included are new vehicles and trailers for the Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center, the Agricultural Science Center, high school bands and security.

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The facilities portion includes: new construction, condition needs and life cycle improvements for all schools, new playgrounds at all elementary schools and facility upgrades for fine arts and athletics.