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Posted in on June 14, 2023

Pre-K students love school

We can tell you all about how great Arlington ISD’s pre-K is. How it prepares kids for kindergarten and inspires them for a lifelong journey of learning through a fun, play-based curriculum.

But sometimes, it’s better to go straight to the experts – the pre-K students themselves.

Several district pre-K teachers – Crystal Saldierna from McNutt Elementary, Kayla Lopez from Crow Leadership Academy and Aubrey Remynse from Starrett Elementary – canvased their students, asking them what their favorite things are about pre-K. There were a bunch of favorites, but here are nine of the most popular ones in no particular order.

1. Math

Numbers and counting are a big deal on campus, and they’re especially fun now that Arlington ISD’s pre-K 4 curriculum includes STEM.pre-K experts

“I like doing math. I like when we count,” said Ezekiel from Crow, echoing many other students’ sentiments.

2. Friends

Many students talked about how they like doing a variety of activities with their friends.

“I like making friends,” said Olivia from Crow. “I like to play with them and draw pictures.”

“I like to dance with my friends,” said a McNutt student.

3. Buildingpre-k experts building

Building things – with Legos, blocks and other toys – is one of the top activities, according to many students, when they visit centers in the classroom. Each classroom is set up in learning centers to promote literacy, math, science and social-emotional learning. Pre-K students spend their day playing, singing and learning to gain skills that ultimately help them learn to read, write and build their math and science skills.

“I like to play blocks and build things,” said Bella P. from Starrett.

It’s the same story at Crow.

“I like playing with centers,” Elias said. “I like building stuff with blocks.”

4. Teachers

The students love their teachers, and for good reason.

“Mrs. Saldierna gives happy hugs when I am sad,” one McNutt 4-year-old said.

Samuel at Starrett said his favorite thing is Mrs. Minzy (Remynse), “because I love you so much and you’re my best friend.”

5. Recess (especially the playgrounds)

No surprise here – the pre-K kids love to go outside and play on the playground.

Bella S. from Starrett was one who singled out recess as her top favorite, “because there’s swings, slides and running around.”

A student at McNutt enjoyed going outside and using their imaginations.

“We walk outside, and we pretend we are airplanes and move our hands so we can fly,” he said.

6. Arts and crafts

Pre-K students get to do all kinds of artwork and crafts, and those are always highlights.

“I can cut zoo animals and use my markers,” said one McNutt student.

“I like to paint, and I love coloring,” Olivia from Starrett said.

7. Special dayspre-k field trip

There is always something fun going on in Arlington ISD’s pre-K, and special theme days and field trips are especially popular with this demographic.

“I love to go to the zoo, and I love to wear my pajamas (on dress-up days),” said Crow’s Leidy.

8. Reading

Reading books, learning about letters and going to the library are all big hits.

But apparently, some of the letters at Crow like to hide in the dark. But they’re no match for Lopez’s class.

“I like to use flashlights to find letters,” Leidy said.

Across town, Carter from Starrett shared a similar love for learning letters.

And at McNutt, one student loves reading books both at school and at home.

“I can check out my book at the bookstore (library),” he said.

For reading at school, Saldierna has a magical way to help the students learn.

“We can read faster with my teacher’s magic rain,” one student said.

The magic rain, explained Saldierna – who also has magic pencils according to another student – is a spray bottle with water and glitter.

9. Learning good behavior

Believe it or not, multiple respondents talked about how they like learning to be good and making good decisions. And that’s a great thing, because social-emotional learning, and things like good behavior and self-control, are key parts of the pre-K curriculum.

Yreli from Starrett said her favorite thing is “learning about being a good girl, being quiet in line and animals.”

Olivia from Crow feels the same way.

I like doing good things,” she said.

Olivia and her class enjoy sharing anything good that happened during their morning meetings.

The Results are in

Take it from the experts. Four-year-olds love Arlington ISD pre-K.

“I love to go to school!” Leidy said.

And your child will love it, too.

Sign them up today. Start the process online here and learn more at If you have any questions, please contact the pre-K team at (682) 867-9418 or

And check out this post with lots of important dates and details about pre-K registration.