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The Arlington Independent School District (AISD) is accepting proposals for the 2019 Bond program online, in accordance with state law, legal and local policies. Arlington ISD uses an online bidding system (IonWave) that conforms with all laws. View instructions.


Subcontractors and suppliers interested in bidding for jobs related to the Arlington ISD 2019 Bond package need to bid directly through the construction managers. 

The Arlington ISD encourages local, small and HUB businesses to bid for district projects. If you are a local, small or HUB vendor and have any questions about working with the AISD, please call 682-867-7352 or email

Open Bids

See Bid Tabs for past bids.

Phasing of Projects

The projects in the 2019 Bond are being implemented in five phases over the course of five years.

The facilities phasing plan is below.

Bond 2019 phasing

Phase 1

  • Gunn Junior High Fine Arts/ Dual Language Academy
  • Crow Elementary Addition & Renovations
  • Webb Elementary Replacement
  • Thornton Elementary Replacement
  • Berry Elementary Replacement
  • Shackelford Junior High
  • Jones Fine Arts/ Dual Language Academy
  • Martin High School & Athletic Field
  • Food Service Center
  • Enterprise Centre
  • Administration Building
  • Land Acquisition
  • Pre-K Furnishings
  • Playgrounds Phase I

Phase 2

  • Arlington Hight School Fine Arts/ Dual Language Academy
  • Sam Houston HS & Wilemon Field
  • Bailey Junior Hight Addition & Renovations
  • Adams Elementary
  • Hale Elementary
  • Duff Elementary
  • South Davis Elementary
  • Atherton Elementary
  • Foster Elementary
  • Johns Elementary
  • Playgrounds Phase 2

Phase 3

  • Carter Junior High Replacement
  • Carter Junior High Demolition
  • Knox Elementary Demolition
  • Roark Elementary Demolition
  • Amos Elementary
  • Goodman Elementary
  • Key Elementary
  • Short Elementary
  • Pope Elementary
  • Speer Elementary
  • Lamar High School & Cravens Field
  • Little Elementary
  • Miller Elementary
  • Playgrounds Phase 3

Phase 4

  • Bowie High School
  • Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center Addition & Renovations
  • Farrell Elementary
  • Fitzgerald Elementary
  • Blanton Elementary
  • Butler Elementary
  • Turning Point Secondary School
  • Sherrod Elementary
  • Young Junior High
  • Ditto Elementary
  • Dunn Elementary
  • Hill Elementary
  • Swift Elementary
  • Workman Junior High
  • McNutt Elementary
  • Burgin Elementary
  • Morton Elementary
  • Wimbish World Language Academy
  • Rankin Elementary
  • Kooken Education Center

Phase 5

  • Seguin High School
  • Ashworth Elementary
  • Pearcy Elementary
  • Barnett Junior High
  • Bryant Elementary
  • West Elementary
  • Boles Junior High
  • Moore Elementary
  • Corey Fine Arts & Dual Language Academy
  • Wood Elementary
  • Anderson Elementary
  • Remynse Elementary
  • Crouch Elementary
  • Patrick Elementary
  • Nichols Junior High
  • Peach Elementary
  • Ellis Elementary
  • Larson ES
  • Ousley Junior High
  • Bebensee Elementary
  • Beckham Elementary
  • Venture/ Newcomer
  • Starrett Elementary
  • Williams Elementary
  • Mac Bernd PDC
  • 600 New York
  • Annex 4
  • Transportation & Security Hilldale Annex Demo
  • Brown Blvd Auxiliary Warehouse
  • Food Service Auxiliary Warehouse
  • Little Road Annex
  • Agricultural Science Center
  • 5618 Green Oaks


The AISD Board of Trustees committed in May 2014 to encourage participation of local and HUB vendors in bond programs.

  • HUB certification is defined by the State of Texas. Certifications from the following agencies are accepted by the district: State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business Program, Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Supplier Development Council and the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency.

HUBs in the RFQ process:

  • Points are awarded in the RFQ evaluation processes for architects and construction firms for having a local presence (defined as Tarrant County) and for the percentage of HUB participation committed.
  • HUB participation for architects is scored based on the percentage of each project the architect commits will be performed by HUB sub-consultants (e.g., civil, structural and MEP engineers; landscape architects; acoustic consultants; etc.).
  • HUB participation for construction firms is scored based on the percentage of each project the construction firm commits will be performed by HUB sub-contractors.
  • In the RFQ process for construction firms, firms are also scored on their approach in recruiting, mentoring and obtaining HUB participation.
  • HUB participation is encouraged; however, lack of HUB certification does not preclude a firm from participating in the district's contracting and purchasing activities.

HUBs in the projects:

  • As projects commence, the architects and general contractors identify the sub-consultants required for the specific project. They identify to the AISD the percent of the total work they expect to be performed by HUB sub-consultants.
  • For Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) projects, construction management firms bid work for the various trades required for a project. The sum of the selected bids becomes the Guaranteed Maximum Price that is presented to the AISD Board for consideration. Contracts between the construction manager and sub-contractors are finalized after the GMP is approved. The HUB participation is reported to the AISD once the contracts are established.
  • HUB participation is tracked. All prime architecture firms and construction management firms are required to report HUB participation on a monthly basis on a report form created by the district.
  • HUB participation data is compiled into a summary report for all projects. The summary report and detailed reports are shared with the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee at each quarterly meeting. HUB participation reports are posted on the district's bond web page in the CBOC meeting materials.

HUB outreach:

  • Outreach efforts by the AISD Purchasing Department include participating in or hosting the following events:
    • Annual Pan Asian Business Expo
    • How to do Business with the AISD
    • AISD Bond Construction Meeting for Contractors and Sub-Contractors
    • Annual School District Vendor Fair
    • City of Arlington Annual Supplier Information Symposium
    • Government Procurement Conference for Small, Minority, Women and Veteran Owned Businesses
    • Dallas ISD Vendor Fair
    • Monthly Supplier Meetings for HUB Vendors (joint outreach effort with the city of Arlington)
    • Notices of procurement opportunities, including RFQs for architects, contractors and sub-contractor bids, are sent to all Arlington Chambers of Commerce, including minority chambers.

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Bond 2019


• Facilities
• Fine Arts
• Safety, Security & Technology
• Transportation

Fine Arts icon
Fine Arts icon

Fine Arts

The fine arts portion includes: theater equipment and black boxes, instruments, visual arts equipment and work surfaces, piano replacements and uniforms for marching bands, drill teams and choirs.

Icon for safety, security and technology
Icon for the Bond 2019's Safety, Security & Technology

Safety, Security & Tech

The safety, security and technology portion includes: additional security cameras and upgraded alarm systems, districtwide communications system upgrade, network infrastructure, device replacements and strategic 1:1 (student devices).

Transportation icon
Transportation icon


The transportation portion of the bond includes new buses, shuttle buses, service vehicles. Also included are new vehicles and trailers for the Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center, the Agricultural Science Center, high school bands and security.

Facilities icon
Facilities icon


The facilities portion includes: new construction, condition needs and life cycle improvements for all schools, new playgrounds at all elementary schools and facility upgrades for fine arts and athletics.